• Hours:
    11 am to 11 pm
  • 4445 Second Ave
    Detroit, MI 48201
  • Phone:
    (313) 262-6204

Welcome to Grace Of India

Established in 2013, Grace of India puts a whole new spin on Punjabi-style Indian cuisineā€”simple, fast, healthy Indian cuisine that is truly unparalleled. Our passion begins and ends with the desire to bring Detroit locals an authentic and delicious piece of Punjab, and that is just what our expert chefs have done. Strongly influenced by the Mughlai style of cooking, Grace of India has set the bar in every possible way to ensure that our dishes, both classic and specialty, convey our passion for the Indian culture.

Indulge in all that Grace of India has to offer, from our starters to our elaborate entrees, for a true sense Indian cuisine. Our mission, and greatest pride, is to bring culinary expertise from our kitchen to your table for a mind-altering dining experience.

  Grace Of India's food is affordable, authentic, and delicious! It's really hard to consider going to any other restaurant on campus considering that this one truly gives you the best bang for your buck!  

  It seems impossible to find authentic heritage food on campus, and the few places that do have it are way out of a student's budget. But when Grace Of India opened, all that changed! I now go there almost every day without even hurting my wallet!  

  Grace Of India provides great service and great food! I have a 45 minute break between classes, and that gives me more than enough time to go to Grace Of India, order some food, eat it and go back to class, it all works out perfect.  

  They offer a great outlet for students to really get some quality food for a low price. There are many restaurants on campus, but none with good food can offer prices that even come close to competing with the prices at Grace Of India.